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Now working as an EU funding facilitator and project broker. Started a Civil Service career with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of Scotland. He followed a path on EU policy and funding, after first cutting EU teeth on writing the first ever rural development programme adopted by the EU - the Integrated Development Programme for the Western Isles in 1982. Since then active in pursuing EU funds under regional and rural policies and many other programmes. These activities has seen service for the European Commission, the Swedish Agriculture Ministry in Stockholm and the Czech Ministry for Regional Development in Prague.

Following these travels, including a spell in Brussels as a diplomat, became Rural Bidding Champion for the West Midlands (England). In this role, he helped to secure €7 million of EU funds (2009-11). From being a Government official, he now sees himself very much as a facilitator using his knowledge and experience of EU funds and the processes to access them to help those interested in tapping into them. He knows the Brussels scene very well and is linked into networks across Europe which can build partnerships for projects and lobby on policy issues.

Stephen Fox

As well as EU funding, he works on the development of policy and lobbying the EU institutions for change. He is also developing expertise in the Scottish renewable energy sector –with strong links into both Denmark and Finland for potential co-operation and joint ventures.


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